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Why do so many paddlers LOVE OC-1?
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Date :20 November 2009
Views :16047
Votes :8 Rating :5
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...watch the clip to find out :)
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Why do so many ...
...watch the clip to find out :)
OC1 - Maui - Ol...
The first annual Olukai Ho'olaulea was a success, with a fun run from Maliko Gulch into Kanaha Beach
40 Fathom Race
This race takes paddlers from Kailua Beach to China Man's Hat at Kualoa Beach Park on Oahu - good wi...
V1 Race around ...
Hawaii's only rudderless canoe race takes place at majestic Kualoa Ranch!
North Shore Mol...
We join Kai and Lauren Bartlett and friends as they paddle over 70 miles from Maui, past the amazing...
Kauai 2008 OC-1...
Kauai World Challenge 2008 - One of the top races in the world - heavy winds and seas!
Donna paddles a...
Donna Kahakui paddles non-stop from the Big Island to Oahu to raise awareness for the Hawaiian Monk...
2008 OC-1 Kanak...
The one man outrigger state championships on the island of Oahu. Heavy seas and good runners!
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